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The Sequel - 22/11/2003 - The birth day

Hai guys...I will start the story from the first day he was born...enjoy it....

Ajwad was scheduled to be delivered by cesarean technique on 22/11/2003 at Darul Ehsan Medical Centre Shah Alam (DEMC). The doctor who did the operation was a specialist namely Dr Fairuz. She is a very well known doctor in Shah Alam.

You know what……Ajwad was delivered 2 days before ‘Raya Celebration’ and in the fasting month. On that day, my wife and ayah woke up very early in the morning. We pray together and hope for the best. We were very happy and excited. Prior to that, during the scanning session the doctor has already confirmed that our baby will be a boy although that time we hope for a girl. We when for shopping like nobody…...

At 10.00 am my wife entered the operation theater room. I was asked to be waited outside by nurse at the waiting room. I was waiting there with nervous feeling and I don’t know whether it was fear or excitement.

At 11.04 am, I heard a sound like a baby crying but the sound was very slow. Ajwad’s crying voice was so slow unlike his brother Altaf was so loud. I didn’t know that was a signed for his sickness. I saw a nurse came out from the operation theater and gave him a bath. He looks like a very healthy boy and his weight was about 3.8 kg but a little bit dark. May be his skin is like me. He was shivering and crying slowly. I wonder why…

My father said to me, if I want my baby to talk nice words (mulut manis) all the time… just take a little bit of honey & ‘selawat’ on it and wipe it at his lips. I did that….I’m also gave him a little bit of ‘air zam-zam’ for his first drink.

After I gave ‘azan’ to Ajwad I left him at the hospital nursery and went to see my wife. I gave her a kiss and thank her.

About at 5.00 pm, I received a call from hospital informed me about Ajwad unstable condition. He has been shifted into the incubator as his oxygen level in the body drops. The doctor said, may be there is an infection in his blood. I quickly drove my Iswara to the hospital with a lot of questions in my mind.

When I arrived at the hospital, his oxygen level in the body has dropped to 93%. I was very curious ….something is not right somewhere. I went to see the doctor and asked for the explanation. The doctor has no idea on what caused him to be in that situation. Initial diagnosis was an infection in his blood. Subsequently, his oxygen level in the body was decreasing slowly….At that point of time, I knew he is in a very critical situation. I don’t know what to tell to my wife….

About 11 pm, the doctor said, we cannot handle this situation here as the equipment is not sufficient to support him. They had advised me to send him either to Putrajaya Hospital or Klang GH. I proposed Klang GH as it is near my house.

We were quickly rushing to Klang GH at 11.30 pm by an ambulance. In the ambulance, Ajwad was already 50-50. The doctor who accompanied my baby that night from DEMC was Dr. Fazilah and she was pregnant for maybe 8 month.

The driver of the ambulance was very helpful. While Dr Fazilah discussed with the receptionist for the registration, he quickly rushes my son to ICU without any approval. According to him, Ajwad condition is not good and be prepared for any consequences.

Arrival at the ICU, I saw a few doctor lead by Dr. Yong was ready to receive Ajwad. At about 12 am, the doctor came out from the room and told me to be prepared as he is in a dying state 50-50. She asked me to pray….suddenly my tears came out …I cannot stop it…. helpless…speechless….hopeless…. I cannot think….. I’m crying at the sofa by myself thinking what to tell my wife and what to do after this….that was a very unpredictable and unthinkable situation………..I pray… Allah the Almighty, Please save my baby……………………….

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